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Sternas Stefanos:
Because it is obvious why, Sir

Vincent Snijders:
Sorry, but to me it is not obvious, otherwise I would not have asked.

Sternas Stefanos:
I will explain to you too Sir.
For using CodeTyphon you must accept  the CodeTyphon  philosophy
<<Put more packages to Lazarus with more buildings for freePascal>>.
If you think that Lazarus is OK, then DO NOT use CodeTyphon.
It's clear to me...

Well 1 or 2 things I want to say here:

Using it, or feeling the urge to do or not to do so (it being for me or not) is different from (even so dependent on) understanding why this urge may or may not be existent.

Let me first of all express may gratitude, for having lessened the amount of work on my plate. Such generous help being given for free is seldom found those days.

Yet even so I know I must not try to use your product, since I will fail to like it (so you have told me), I still lack the understanding why this is (don't tell me the answer is 42).

As for any conclusions, which I conceive have been made about me, I must correct you in saying that I am far from being a minimalist. But I am a man of choice. Not all is good just for it exists. From those that qualify, I do select as need demands.

Let me further try and interpret. And please correct me if I should be wrong. Your reply being far from an answer does suggest, that you yourself have little to say about what makes your product. Consequently I must believe I was right in first: All it is is a bundle of existing stuff and maybe a custom made installer. So why not say it? Bundles, if advertised as this and clearly marked are a great thing.

On the other hand let me quote your page:
CodeTyphon is a "Pascal Programming Platform",
with Lazarus+FPC+Tools+Free Components+Free Libraries and all these with full source.

This does not make clear if "with..." means
 "the full contents"
 "also included in addition to the Code Typhon part"

Therefore I had ask, if there was anything else, which may interest me, or any one else here.

The same need for clarification arise from:
  CodeTyphon is a "Pascal Programming Platform"
Is it, or does it contain?

Sternas Stefanos:
Sorry Sir but, I don't have time for this...
I am not forum user.
If you want to learn what CodeTyphon is, simple just try it.
I have to port pl_AGGpas and pl_GLScene CodeTyphon packages to Win64/Linux64 and to prepare pl_DirectX 9.2 and pl_Direct 10.1 packages for
next release...

But, for your information in our company we use CodeTyphon 0.922 BETA for make cross-platform 2D, 3D and Database Applications, look at our pictures.
What else to say?


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