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Sternas Stefanos:
We release a new version 0.922 (Beta) of our Freeware Project CodeTyphon

Pictures   here
Download here

CodeTyphon Project is a Distribution of Lazarus IDE and FreePascal compiler.

I started using Codetyphon from version 0.900 and think it is a superb idea to supply Lazarus with all the extra components added.


I still haven't figured out, what code-typhon really is....

I got so far:
- it is lazarus + fpc + other freely available components.

Are any of them modified or improved?

Or is code-typhon simply combining them with an installer? (Where does it differ from the installer that comes with lazarus ?)

Also "Lazarus Source from SVN 08-06-2009". Is that the unmodified SVN? I would be interested to know, if the form designer in GTK works, because when I tested (SVN, not code typhon) there seemed to be a regression.

Sorry, *not* trying to make it look bad (I couldn't, since I haven' figured out where it differs from what I know/use).
Just being provocative to find out exactly that.

Sternas Stefanos:
Don't try it Sir. Is not for you...

Vincent Snijders:
Why not?


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