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Error in query (sqldb) view with return in json (mysql8)

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Hello everyone, I have a somewhat strange situation, I have a mysql8 database (which is on a hosting) I have several tables, and they all work very well, I can connect, change, remove, etc., today I needed to create a view in the database and this view returns a json, for some reason sqldb does not allow searching this view, returning the following error attached

Note: sorry for my English (google translate)

SQLdb need a "normal" formed dataset returned from server. Jason or XML can only returned if the are packed in a normal column as string or text or blob.

That works with sqldb.

Thaddy, the query on the server produce this JSON instead of a normal resultset. The JSON dataset can IMHO not send this query to the server and work with the result. Your sample use local JSON.

OP does not state manipulating the data, just displaying it. For that it can be just the JSON dataset.


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