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[BUG REPORT]GroupBox's performance on Linux and win is not the same

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GroupBox's performance on Linux and win is not the same.

The size of the blank space at the top of the GroupBox is different for the two operating systems.

This issue causes the interface to be out of order.

Desinged in linux, cross to win. The same problem exists when the project file is compiled under win

test in lazarus2.2.6/3.4

That is not a bug:what you see is the diference between windows widgets and gtk2 widgets. their behavior is slightly different. Qt will behave also slightly different but may be closer to windows.

That's why many companies choose Electron for multi-platform support. Big and slow though.

In addition of the info from Thaddy. It can also look on the same Linux different, it depends on your widgetset and windowsmanager you choosen. Sometimes the theming can also make differences.

That is why there exist fpGUI and MSEGUi.

But even then ... as mentioned by af0815 different platforms use different desktop environments, different theming etc. etc.



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