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Are you constantly strugling to match and merge various dirty datasets, such as B2B contact lists, product catalogues, real estate properties, industrial assets, raw and packaging materials? Frustrated with SKUs having different names and descriptions, but relating to same entity?
If your datasets are up to 10K records, there is a powerful FREE entity resolution software for you! Yes, there is a free QDeFuZZiner Lite software that can match and merge your messy business data with ease!
It has all features of the full commercial version, except limitation of importing datasets of maximum 10 000 rows! Take advantage and download this free data matching software!
QDeFuZZiner is a powerful and robust fuzzy data matching, data merging and data de-duplication software, which can help you to consolidate and cleanse messy business master data, such as customer and product lists.
Written with CodeTyphon, i.e. Lazarus/FreePascal!  :D
Download free QDeFuZZiner Lite application and happy data matching!

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