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Non-visual RTTI component?

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Is there any non-visual RTTI component? I want this to connect between frame/forms, so that I can minimize my code typing  :D

Of course, I can drop a visual component and set its visibility false. Just wondering whether there are any non-visual component.

DataModule ?

Hi jamie,

Datamodule is not exactly what I'm looking for, but your single comment gives me a great insight. Multiple forms containing rtti controls may share single datamodule and published property so that any change in one form is reflected in other forms automatically. This is really great. I forgot what I was looking for exactly :D   I'll think over again. Anyway thank you for kind comment.

Controls/Classes that houses a TPersistent at the base of the classes have observers and observed where you can notify others

 Just and idea, I use something close to it in an automation application, whereas other classes of the same can receive notification events automatically and vice versa.

What I wanted is to put a non-visual RTTI controls in a form, with its TIObject pointing to other components. So I thought setting the Rtticontrol invisible. And I can set other codes within the setter of the property of the TIObject (like showing / unshowing or limiting values, etc. to other forms).

As an example, I put a (invisible) TTIEdit in Form1, whose TIObject/TIPropertyName points to DataModule1/AIndex. Here, I can set Label1 of Form2, TIEdit of Form3, etc.

But I found simpler solution. I can create the rtticontrols within the form with code, and do not assign patent to it. Then it's invisible.


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