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cannot change SQL query database or transaction in object pane


Graham Saint:
I'm running Lazarus 3.4 under Windows 11 64 bit. I have a SQL query in a data module. It's impossible to change the database or transaction of the query in the object properties pane. For both properties I can pull down a list and select what I want but Lazarus immediately resets it to a different item (last database in the list but first transaction in the list).
This is happening for any SQL query that I try and change the properties of.
It only seems have happened after I upgraded to the latest version.
Forgot to add this is sqllite.
And it affects all sql queries in the data module. If I try and edit any of them in the object pane the database gets changed and I can't change it back.
okay, think I've sorted it out. The database was being reset when I changed the transaction. And the transaction was associated with a different database. So apparently when you select a transaction for a query Lazarus automatically associates the query with the database associated with the transaction. I can see the logic behind this but it wasn't what I was expecting (I am running queries that span multiple databases so a transaction isn't always associated with a single database at run time)


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