Author Topic: Some mouse events handled differently in Cocoa than in other widget sets  (Read 816 times)

Giorgio Tani

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Hello, I've noticed that mouseenter event (I'm testing it in a Treeview element) is triggered even if a mouse button is pressed when it enters the control, while in other widgeetsets it is triggered only if mouse buttons are not pressed.

Another difference is that when mouse button is released on the control, the mouseenter is not triggered as in other widgetset. but it is triggered only the mouse is moved again (with the next mousemove event)

Windows, GTK2 and Qt5 widget sets I tested so far behaves consistently: when entering a control the mouseenter event is not triggeted if a mouse button is pressed, then the event is immediately triggered when the mouse button is released within that control.

On Cocoa the mouseenter event is immediately triggered when entering the control (even if a mouse button is pressed) and then triggered again after mouse button is released AND the mouse is moved.

I've tested this on Lazarus 3.4 and 3.2.


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Please file a bugreport.



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