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Slice through a pointer

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Please note that there is no data copying in the source program, this is a mandatory requirement, because speed is very important
>>using 3.2.2
>>that should be close enough.
unfortunately not. There have been big changes - fData it private field, and cannot be used in heir

No, just passing an open array argument by PType and Count instead Array and Count

I don't understand what you're arguing about. your approach is good for a textbook, but in real life it will lead to huge memory and execution time overruns. Please have some more coffee and understand the difference between dynamic arrays and open arrays in function arguments

It appears u have other plans and they don't benifit the community

I withdrew as much of the bad code I could. So others don't get bothered

Have a good time.

You shouldn't be offended. I immediately said that I was not interested in copying. Copying is good when there are 4 elements in the array and you need to get 2 of them. But there may be megabytes in the array, and recursion in the algorithm

Erasing messages that have answers is bad))


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