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Feature request: include files in overview gutter



It would be really nice to have an indicator on the overview gutter indicating the lines where {$includes ... } are present in a file.

Useful comments welcome.

That would be very useful, just like included units already is.
It would probably also fix the parser issue at the same time....

The content of that gutter isn't provided by codetools. So changes to it do not affect codetools.

There are (at least) 3 parsers
- the compiler
- codetools
- highlighter (also used for some indications in the overview gutter)

Each parser needs a different level of detail...

There are a variety of other things that need to be done for that overview gutter. Not sure, if when adding directive will become considerable.

In the meantime, the "code explorer" can show directives. That includes {$i } directives (and using the filter can be limited to just them).

Btw, the code explore (afaik) gets it content from codetools.

Few more details.

The highlighters scanner currently doesn't care about includes. Other than on the line itself it sees them as a directive. But neither caring what kind of directive, nor storing the info in a way that it could be looked up.

Currently the overview gutter cares about the begin/end of the interface/implementation/initialization/finalization sections (and those come from the HL, via SourceSynEditer in the IDE)

To get them to be visible, codetools would need to add them as (invisible) gutter marks.

Like the build system adds gutter marks for errors/warnings


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