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A couple of EyeBuzzer devboards giveaway
« on: December 02, 2015, 01:55:31 am »
Since I'm working on adding support for "embedded" target (AVR/ARM) in Pascal eXtended Library, which initially started with support for LPC1114 (which was the only thing I had at that time), I later got LPC1115 to provide better support for LPC11xx series (where the last one has two SPI ports). For that chip, I've sent few PCBs to be manufactured, which got delayed and I thought the order was lost, so I've ordered another set, whereas finally receiving both orders. Long story short, I've got few extra boards, so I thought on just giving them away to people to start testing this platform.

Some specs of the board are:

LPC1115 (ARM Cortex-M0) 32-bit processor with 64 KiB Flash and 8 KiB SRAM, running from 12 to 48 Mhz (selectable in code)
Up to 42 pins for GPIO (some with PWM and ADC), one UART, two SPIs and one I2C interface.
FTDI chip with UART-to-USB, which on desktop is recognized as serial port, so you can use it for ISP programming and sending debug text.
Taking power either from USB (up to 500 mA) or from 6-16V external source, giving regulated 5V and 3.3V lines. The chip works at 3.3V (current usage between 10 and 30 mA depending on CPU speed).

For development on this thing, you'll need FPC from the trunk (I use Lazarus as IDE), configured to cross-compile to ARMv6m. For programming, you just need to connect this to computer with USB cable (it has USB Mini connector) and use open-source "lpc21isp" tool. Alternatively, if you have SWD programmer, it'd work too. This chip/board is already supported in PXL, though some features like PWM, ADC and I2C are still under development.

Edit: The giveaway has been expired, but these boards will be available for sale.
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