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[SOLVED]SQLQuery1 create table errors out - what's wrong

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--- Quote from: What I can do on May 14, 2024, 01:44:26 pm ---... I made a data base helper, where I can access any help info that I find. I paste into the data base and then use all the power of the DB Engine to sort, find, chop, etc..

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Me too, wrote myself SideNote for storing text information that important to me. It is a stay on system tray program. This utility was written using Lazarus + TDbf. I already planned it to support images, spreadsheet files and URL links. I wanted to rewrite it to use SQLite but later I found myself busy had no time doing it.

What I can do:
LOL, Yours is like a big filing cabinet with drawers and well organized folders but mine is like a trach can where every thing is stacked on top of it's self.

you rock!


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