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STARS (from lines): Now with String Pattern Lines ...Ooo

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I'm seeing Stars from Lines.  Just kidding.

Creates Star patterns from Lines drawn on a TPaintbox.

Now with String Pattern Lines. See bottom thread.

Just wondering, is there a way to colour in the different gaps in the petals (as shown in the attached pic)?
Colour the closed polygon sections of the same radial distance from the center with the same colour.
I did it manually, but is there a way to do it automatically.
In CSharp I know there are different ways to fill/color but in Lazarus not sure how to approach it.

Also how to perhaps make the straight lines slightly arched in or out (as shown in the 2nd attached pic)?
I used Paint.Net with the Bulge filter but I think maybe arched lines or Poly-Bezier may do a similar effect in Lazarus.

Plain Filled

My curve attempt.

My latest variation. Kinda nice String Pattern Lines.


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