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Grey popup hint windows



Attached to this post the next post is a project that allows replicating the screenshots.  The first screenshot is about the Lazarus Trunk version this applies to.  A likely important detail is that the Turbo power package that is responsible for the yellow popup hint windows is installed.  Also, all of this is using FpDebug.

To see the problem, please start Lazarus _fresh_.  That is don't open the project from an already running copy because that will change the behavior.  IOW, the initial steps are:

1. start a fresh copy of Lazarus
2. Open the attached project
3. if necessary set a breakpoint on lines 98 and 123
4. compile and run the app.

Screenshot #1 is obtained by hovering over the "cls" variable.  Note that the popup window is grey.  Press F9 to resume execution.

Screenshot #2 is obtained by hovering over the "ps" variable.  Notice that the popup is now yellow (as expected when the TP package is installed.)  Carefully note the location of the popup.

Now press shift-F9 which will cause the app to be stopped and recompiled.  Once recompiled press F9 to run the app. This should cause execution to stop on line 123.

Hover over the "cls" variable.  Notice that the popup is grey again but, its location has changed.  Note it is located "roughly" where the yellow popup for "ps" in the previous run used to be (I've seen it be at exactly the same place but, for an unknown reason, the location seems to vary a bit.)

The problems are:

1. the color the popup window is inconsistent, sometimes grey, sometimes yellow.
2. the location of the popup window is inconsistent and unexpected.  It's supposed to be somewhat close to the variable it applies to but, it is sometimes much farther than expected.

It seems that there is some setting that should be reset that is not being reset which causes the window to appear in a previously calculated location (this is a guess on my part.)

Also, and potentially important, I don't know if the current trunk version suffers from this problem.  I am using a version that is over a week old, therefore this may have changed.  I am currenly using my "old" trunk version to work on a project of some size and I don't want to risk unexpected problems by using a newer version.

Project for the post above

My IDE is based on trunk about 5 days old (based = added my own patch to "your" issue of "&" starting identifier).

Tried to follow requests and what was found:
- gray color issue does not appear;
- hint winow is shown inconsitently indeed - location depends on editor top line and cursor position but is wrongly calculated (X co-ordinate  - row).   

Hi WooBean,

Good to know that the popup window color issue is taken care of.

It will be nice to eventually have the popup window location be a bit closer to what's expected... :)


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