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GeoPattern: Thanks WP for the Lazzed BGRABmp version

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Hi All.

I found a Github web site that has a program called GeoPattern, that makes nice png and svg geometric patterns. It has also been ported to many other languages (

Converted to Lazarus by WP. Wow can't believe it. A GREAT MANY THANKS to WP for the conversion and also to TRon  for looking at it and gidesa and Thaddy for your replies.

Produced some nice patterns. The extended version on GitHub has extra parameter controls.See attached pictures for what it is capable of making.

Here are also the other ports:

Rust version at ( has some unusual patterns.

JavaScript port by Brandon Mills:

TypeScript port by MooYeol Lee:

Python port by Bryan Veloso:

Elixir port by Anne Johnson:

PHP port by Anand Capur:

Go port by Pravendra Singh:

CoffeeScript port by Aleks (muchweb):

Cocoa port by Matt Faluotico:

Middleman extension by @maxmeyer:

Dart(Flutter) port by @suyash:

Lua port by Ivan Azoyan:

Attached are some pics from the Lazarus port of this program.

Well, as usual, if you have the formulae you can also do it in Pascal.


--- Quote from: Boleeman on May 11, 2024, 07:07:30 am ---
I compiled the CSharp program to a DLL but was wondering how to use it in Lazarus to create the Geometric Patterns.

--- End quote ---

Your DLL is a pure Dotnet one. That is, it doesn't export any API in C ("unmanaged") format, or in Activex/Com format.
So it's unusable from FPC (or Delphi, too).

There are actually bindings available.

Thanks ALL for the replies.

Some more samples from the WP Lazarus Port on Github.

Once again, a BIG THANK YOU to WP for making the BGRABmp Lazarus port of this program (that saves to png and SVG). So Fantastic. Christmas has come early.


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