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using the raspberry pico to drive the electronics for a parcel delivery vault.

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This night I dreamt up something that looks to me just a job for the Pico.
The probem I want to solve is, that all the members in my household are trying to make the  Chinese very rich by ordering lots of small and big stuff from the likes of AliBaba and Temu. that means that we miss out on lots of deliveries because we either are not there or asleep. (my wife often runs night shifts and the household adapts to her rithm)

The parts list starts like this:
- a metal dustbin with cover (painted post office red of course
- a metal Z arm to switch he lock, I fabricate that myself if not available.
- a relay, or two
- possibly stepper motor
- A solenoid (Thx, Dave!), latch/lock type (thx ccrause)
- a rubber numeric keyboard. (or a couple of buttons, three will do)
- a pico, optionally with Wifi kit
- a motion detector or light sensor
- some custom software to drive that all

There is a starters kit for the Pico that contains most of the parts, including a small breadboard and the detectors but not the relay(s) and a stepper motor.

The inner workings are very simple:
- When the delivery bin is empty the access code are zero's and the bin is open.
- When a delivery is made through the bin and the lid closes, the bin locks with a code that only we have. That's where the relays solenoid and the motion or light detection detector comes in.
Ideally a possbility to remotely reset the code (through the Wifi module)

Now, my problem is that I never worked with the pico to drive hardware like this.

So, my question is:
Can somebody provide me with:
- If possible, schematics to pull this off
- recommedation on what type of relay and motor   solenoid to use? Solved. Thx ccrause.
I think help with the software development is not really necessary although tips are welcome.

If somebody wants to help, the reward is that I will build TWO delivery bins, one for the person that helps me out!

See attached, particularly bottom right hand side. Trivial.

I think I'd use a solenoid to do the locking, might be simpler than a motor.


PS : why not just ask them to leave to parcel on your door step ?

Yes a solenoid is a better option, did not think of that and it is the obvious solution.
I adapted the parts list accordingly.
The reason for the bin is just that we have bad experiences with deliveries on the doorstep.
Although we live in an affluent neighbourhood, theft is an issue, as are certain weather conditions, e.g. if a parcel is packed in cardboard. And we already have security camera's in place. The delivery bin can be secured to the floor or wall next to my front door.
(AI image creator at its best: the delivery bin is 80 litres so this would fit)

Except for the solenoid this link seems to contain all the parts.
Must have a look which pins are occupied by the wifi module, though.
Any advice?

Since solenoids are not expensive the whole project can be build for under $70, 65 euro

Are you planning on using FPC for the programming? Michael Ring's pico-fpcexamples does not include support for the PicoW (see device list). It is probably not too much work to rebuild the latest Pico SDK though.  FPC wifi capability also available via ESP8266 & ESP32.

Regarding the locking mechanism, one get various types of electric door latches/locks that may be relevant for this project (basically a solenoid, but specialized for latching/locking). Another idea is to use a simple cheap sliding bolt and drive this with a small servo (requires PWM to position).


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