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DB Navigator - how to get the "commit" in work

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Here is a strange thing and I am not sure, why it is not working.
I use this way of doing it in several cases and do not have any issue like this

The problem is:
- I change something by using the DBNavigator
- the change works
- but it seems not to "commit"

pls see screenshot for my example

Which parameter may be wrong?

Autocommit activated ?

To think for yourself.
In the component under "VisibleButtons" they are all listed by name.
Where does it say anything about "commit"?

Implicitly, a Post button can become a Commit button if AutoCommit is switched on.

Autocommit has only 2 options an is set to

Yes, the "post"-button is is, which usually works for me as "commit". No idea, why not in this case. Something is wrong. Usually it turns to green, if there is something pending. Not in this case. It stays grey and is not in function.

I like to use a sql monitor component to see exactly what the database components are doing. To test where the problem really lies, simply create a TButton that can only be pressed when the transaction is "Active".  If it is still active after the post, the transaction is still active and not committed. This is then your correct button to safely trigger a commit. The problem should then be narrowed down. Otherwise you can't find the problem without the code.

It doesn't matter whether AutoCommit is set to Retaining or not, you only do this so that your datasets are not closed.


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