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As part of a programming language discussion in a metal working forum I brought up the subject of Lazarus and FP and how nice it is to move between systems and have the same IDE and code work no matter where.

Since I have my late son's MAC PRO 2008 3,1 with El Capitan installed I thought I'd make a point that I could even compile a program that runs on the Debian Raspberry Pi, Beaglebone Black, Windows PC and my Lenovo LinuxCNC PC.

So I downloaded the three install files from the lazarus site and sure enough it installed and ran and I compiled the program.   Screen shot shows version info.

Second screen shot shows the problem.  Where's the menu bar?  There's a window that lets me add items to the menu bar.  I can double click on one of those and I end up in the on click event code. 

As I'm not really a MAC user it's probably really simple?  Why is the menu bar missing?

On the same hardware but with a disk drive that has Debian with the Raspberry Pi User interface there's no problem.   

Yes, the case is the same as if running on Kubuntu

So you don't get a menu bar on Kubuntu?

For macOS, not Linux, the issue is caused by starting the executable binary directly instead of starting the application bundle which contains the exexcutable or a link to it.

You might want to check the FAQ on the Wiki : which covered that issue and several others that may be confounding to a new macOS user.

That's stupid.  I click run with debugger and that means I can't see the menu bar while debugging the program? 


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