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Chopped bitmaps in breakpoint list window



the little breakpoint bitmaps in the breakpoint list window are chopped a bit on the right.

The attachment zooms in the area showing the chopped bitmaps.

Yes, please make it a bug report.

The view can be toggled: flat/tree (toolbar, last button)
The current size is probably for flat...
(tree is useful if you use groups / see break properties)

The column can be resized (and if it is, the size is iirc stored/restored). If resized it also shows text (but that is by default at least partially hidden, as otherwise it would take to much space).


--- Quote from: Martin_fr on May 03, 2024, 10:44:53 am ---Yes, please make it a bug report.

--- End quote ---
Done.  Issue: 40941
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