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IDE Debug feature(this should be simple)


What I can do:
OS: Win 10
compiler: Lazarus 3.2
Project: a electronic card flasher to teach reading
I was running around on my code using [ctrl]+f to find where i was using a procedure;
but some how I accidently bumped some other key, it popped up a window but not the regular find window this new window listed every instance of my procedure from declaration, implementation, to every where I use this procedure in my code. It was sort of like Messages window where I can click on a message and it takes me to that part. This new window is supper cool for debugging but I don't know how I got it.  Can anyone help with this.

It's probably Shift+Ctrl+F (menu Search/Find in Files).
Maybe it's menu View/Code Explorer.

"Find in files" Ctlr-Shift-F
"Find identifier references" Ctrl-Shift-I

What I can do:
(SOLVED) [Shift]+[CTRL]+I
Thank you so much,

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