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Hey guys  8) 

I recently considered using FPC for web services.

I found this interesting video on the Internet, and found it amusing, and I think it raises good points.

There ideas are expressed better than words. Basically it says that it sounds absurd to convert a lower-level, statically typed, etc. language to a higher level one, and that important strengths of Pascal are lost, and that some comparisons are nonsensical, among other things.

I think nobody got to answer my other topic and it was erased ? I don't understand. If it's really necessary I will remove the link. It is really harmless, not SPAM, any type of promotion or things like that. It speaks better than words, and is just about 5 minutes long.

What do you guys think about the subject? Please discuss.

   In the past I've used PHP for developing web forms, etc.  We weren't designing a website we were working on an application with the data stored on a web server at the company. The company is just using the internet as the network.  Good idea, huh!
   I've been writing programs with pascal back to the Turbo Pascal days in the 1980's and love pascal.  But, haven't tried writing an app in Las/FPC for what we used PHP but, to me it's a similar endeavor and PHP looks similar to pascal code...


If you're good in Pascal, you may want to try using FPC to build web services. If you're not good in Pascal, there are many other options available. If you like it, use it. If it works for you, keep using it.

If you want to try and learn more, here:

This is support forum for answering questions for users who have problem using Pascal. I wonder what kind of discussion you want to get.

Moderators, please lock this discussion or better delete it. This kind of discussion will start flames of war.

Some kid troll decided to create a "buzz on the forum" by writing a primitive and clumsy taunt based on a garbage video recorded by some depressed person. The kid probably wanted to show off in front of his friends.

There are plenty of such garbage videos on YouTube. If Google improved its algorithms for filtering posted content, they would be able to:

- recover a lot of space by removing accumulated garbage,
- improve the image of your website (TikTok is used to collect garbage),

After weeding out the garbage on YouTube, people who compulsively watch videos there could feel appreciated that they are using a website for the intelligent part of the population :)

I support Handoko's position - the entry is garbage, clumsily prepared by some dimwitted teenage troll. He doesn't even know how to troll properly :)

I have watched the video and my conclusion is that it does not deserve 5 seconds of your time.

Anyway, I have developed a web server with Lazarus, and its basic functions are database management and expression evaluation. Receiving requests and sending out response take relatively small parts of my whole program. And, HTML5 makes it much easier to do many things within the web-browser itself. I don't understand why people are comparing which language is better in developing web application, etc. It will depend on what functions the web server must do.


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