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Same project and two Pcs

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Hi guys! I'm working on a lazarus project with my dad and we are constantly sending projects to each other.

There's one project that opens perfectly on my PC and completely messed up on his PC.
(check the images of the same project on each pc)

What could it be? On his PC is like no object is actually there, the background image doesn't show up and nothing works.

*He uses a docked version and I don't.


I remember one problem that fits your description. Tell me, what is the value of the WindowState property of the form?


--- Quote from: n7800 on April 22, 2024, 03:25:13 am ---I remember one problem that fits your description. Tell me, what is the value of the WindowState property of the form?

--- End quote ---

The value is "wsNormal"

The DPIs or display scalings look markedly different in the two screenshots. Could it be that on PC2 all the items are just way out of the border of the form? Try and select some controls in the object inspector and see if the Left and Top properties are larger than the width and height of the form

Just a few ideas which come to my mind:

PC2 seems to have a different pixel-density than PC1. I would not expect difficulties due to this, but could you /your dad switch PC2 to normal resolution (96 ppi = 100%)?

I also do not think that the docked IDE is the root cause. But just to make sure your dad could temporarily uninstall the anchordocking packages to get back to the undocked IDE. What happens? (He can install these packages later again, and he should return to his old IDE). Or conversely, you could temporarily install anchordocking.

The screenshot of PC2 shows that the controls on the form seem to be present. What does your dad see in the Left/Top properties in the object inspector when he clicks on one of the controls in the object tree? Maybe due to some strange alignment issue the controls could be moved somewhere else. (I often wonder "where is the form" when people submit projects here in the forum and I cannot find the form on my monitor: they have two monitors and their coordinates are outside the range of my monitor).

You are speaking of "one project". So, this is the only project having this issue? Or do all projects that you share suffer from this? What happens when your dad modifies the form size by a few pixels, stores it on his machine and you try to open this modified version on your PC?

When it's the only project, it is probably difficult for you to create a simplified project for us which shows the issue. Normally issues can be solved much more easily when a compilable project is available.


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