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There's been a noticeable slow down in forum responsiveness in the last 4 to 6 hours.

Anyone else noticed this by any chance ? (I haven't experience any slow down on other websites... this suggest it might be something Lazarus forum specific.)

Comments/observations welcome.


Just as I post this, the response time seems to be noticeably better.

I experience the same problem of slowness.

10 to 15 seconds to popup the login page.
25-30 seconds to actually login.
10-20 seconds for a preview of a post I am editing
around 5-10 seconds for a refresh of a page.
Clicking on a forum link takes about 15-20 seconds.

and it has been for me this way the last couple of days (2/3).

Curt Carpenter:
1:40 GMT -- me too.

Same here  %)
Regards Benny

Seems fixed, probably by the hosting company. I did not experience it.


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