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A fairly simple sound solution? [SOLVED]

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Hi!   8-)

Is there any fairly simple sound solution, one can use at a (rather simple) Pascal program?

Beep and Sound didn't work for me and I found other suggestions, but they're way too old (and irrelevant), for today's Linux standards, or much complicated (eg. using sophisticated C routines etc).

Please keep in mind, that Pascal (amongst many other things) is also an educational tool and I'm in need of a rather simple solution (like the above mentioned-but no working commands Beep and Sound) and not for excellent but sophisticated C or Java like code, which are all good and well, but I'll have a really hard time, trying to demonstrate them to novice learners.

TIA!   8)

I haven't tried but maybe these can be useful for you:

If its about learning, I suggest to give BASS a try. That is not a ready made class that you just feed with a file, that is a complete audio framework that needs to be controlled over their API, Delphi headers are existing, I hope compatible to FPC. Many demos available, extendable with more plugins, read EULA about prices but I assume in your case it can stay total free. To get out a sound such you learn within minutes, either by reading the good made documentation or open some demos to learn from. Its partly crossplatform, read on homepage for yourself what target systems are supported.

THANKS guys for your help!!!   :D


I already read this topic amongst other similar.
Don't take it wrong, but these posts are 7-8yo.
Linux (unlike Windows) is somewhat  hostile, against older versions or aged software.
Try running binaries, or compile code so old...well...good luck with it!   :D

@ KodeZwerg:

I'll definitely try it, but it isn't what I was looking for.
For an enhanced "Hello World" program, maybe with colorized output (eg. Cyan instead of white letters) and wanting to make a simple sound (just to demonstrate the ability), messing with complex RAD functions, is not really helpful.

THANKS again!!!   :)

try UOS:


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