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what to do if my target MIPS cpu has no FPU

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Compiling ./rtl/ps1/system.pp,47) Error: Identifier not found "double",47) Error: Identifier not found "double"
softfpu.pp(134,19) Error: Identifier not found "double"
softfpu.pp(134,25) Error: Error in type definition
softfpu.pp(144,19) Error: Identifier not found "extended"
softfpu.pp(144,27) Error: Error in type definition
system.pp(35,1) Fatal: There were 6 errors compiling module, stopping

generates assembler FPU code

some advises?

You scale integers....

yes, but is there not allready a .inc file in the rtl for thouse types

Check how the embedded target does it. Most of those don't have FPU support

But beware that it's not just a one liner. It likely requires lots of code to get completely right

Scaling integers is a junior job and not very complex as long as the required precision is known.
For embedded:
define your precision... is usually enough.


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