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Directx9 with mylogo inside screen$directx.


C:q1=How to set logo with opacity50%of-logo.jpg for anyplayer?
C:q2=How to set position(x,y) inside directx9 for anyplayer?

If anyplayer=aviplayer detect logoDirectx then
  the anypler.exe display mylogo.

Please any procedure with delphi7.pas/or/lazarus3.1
Def. The mylogo isequal "my-logo-rulermap.jpg"
Hint= If your logo.images have centrimeters lines,
           the you-got many beatiufull screen$
   (eg1. "Clipboard01+logo.jpg")

Def. The Clipboard01.jpg=I capture the image0frame
   from  farmerLover.mp4
 :o I saw the farmerlover.mp4 with "my-logo-rulermap.jpg".

I am unsure if I have understood you correct, you want to inject some image into the graphics chain of some directX application.
On windows this is just possible by creating a wrapper for directX as dll replacement that internal calls the correspondending correct methods.
Within the graphic methods you can add your image to be included in the way you want it to be.
You will need to analyze the source, there is no one-for-all solution AFAIK, get knowledge about what methods the source file calls to find the best/easiest method that needs to be patched.
I will give no example code since it sound pretty fishy to me.


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