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troubles installing under Red Hat 7.0


There was too many dependencies of libraries, that I have already installed, but lower versions.
Will developers provide binaries for old OS's like Red Hat 6.2 or 7.0 distributions???
So, I use Kylix on my old system, couse cannot use lazarus... :(
Borland provides informaiton about updates, and even update rpm's on the distribution cd.

what dependencies failed ?

The only one I can think of might be rpm itself (we're using ver 4)

If that is the case the only thing I can think of you can use is the tar itself and do a manual install.
I won't expect a rpm3 install soon (at least I dont have a rmp3 box anymore)

As soon as possible I'll try once more, and put here all  list of dependencies.
But... I am not at home now, and haven't own computer nearly.
I'll do it as soon as possible.

one question more... on which minimal Linux OS will run my compiled program?
If I understand properly it depends of GTK version .
So, which GTK version or OS should have user to run program compiled with current Lazarus version?
Will it run under RH 5.2, 6.2, 7.0???
It is very interesting for me :)
Thanks very much.

excuse me, there is no problem at all... I installed Red Hat linux 7.0 on my notebook P120 mhz 16 mb RAM and it runs lazarus fine :)
thank You.


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