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leetcode doesn’t support pascal

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There is no pascal on leetcode. Why don’t we go there and promote pascal?

For example, we could upvote this

Maybe they excluded it on purpose because they hate pascal.

I have no need. That said, those who are interested, please do.


--- Quote from: Joanna on April 12, 2024, 11:49:56 pm ---Maybe they excluded it on purpose because they hate pascal.

--- End quote ---

I think there are not enough people who support pascal. For example, here is a vote for haskell! 
258 people voted for haskell and only 1 vote for pascal (mine) They didn't add haskell but they added racket and elixir.

Probably a language needs to be l33t enough to have standardised interview questions, which are mostly the very hyped kind.

To be honest, I was never asked such language detail questions in a job interview, it was always more about familiarity with frameworks or kinds of apps.

Moreover, there was always some interview with a senior programmer, and they wouldn't have asked stock questions to begin with. (I was lucky, he asked if I knew Indy, and I showed him I ported Indy9 to FPC:-)

Same when I later sat in on a few job interviews as senior programmer myself.


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