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I would like to make application with scripting and debugging feature. One shared memory (or object) for collecting data from thread pool and avaliable for script engine. Main goal is to have main app like IDE to configure parameters and debugging running scripts and second headless process with script engine and some threat pool for network operations.
What will be best option to achieve this with Lazarus. Is a possible to have debugger in one app and script engine in subprocess?

This is general question regarding application architecture so maybe this concept is wrong. Thank You in advance for any other sugestions.

There is already a Pascal Script engine if you look up at the component bar.

It too also has a Debugger that you can use.

Have you looked at that?

Yes, there are even more scripting engines in the standard distribution and almost all have debug features.
F.e. I use Python for scripting and the debugger for that is very, very small in lines of Pascal code, but I link in Python.

I saw Pascal Script but i had impression that is connected with FPC. Do You think that is possible to create headless process app and debug from second FPC desktop app?


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