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using OPM...



I've got a functional installation but OPM won' install packages...

Must this operation be done as sudo?

No, you don't need to be super user to run it.

My Lazarus was installed without using sudo. And I have no problem running OPM. Did you install your Lazarus using sudo?

we did not know how have you installed Lazarus. If OPM fails to install, it have often not the correct rights.
Lazarus should be installed without extra privilegs and run in the usercontext. If Lazarus was installed with evelated rigths and later started without the rigths, OPM will fail.
One check, can you start Lazarus as user and rebuild Lazarus itself ?

And what mean OPM can not install? No List of packages ? Can not download? Can not compile ? Packages not seen in Lazarus ?


I've cleaned up everything
and tried the fcupDeluxe path

Seems good so far...


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