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HILBERT Fractal: Finally got this working


Another continuous space filling curve called the Hilbert Fractal.

The Peano fractal curve was slightly different to this one.

Was working on another version of this Hilbert Curve , but had problems with it so I started again with another approach.

Hope you like it.

Saw a Lazarus version which was multi-colored by putting different level on top of each other so I may try to experiment.

Thought of using 3 lines (like red on each side and black in the middle) ?
Thought of using a gradient line that changes color along its length ?
Thought of using a Gel or Glow type line?

Anyone have any other ideas for producing nice colored effects?

Just a few samples of the Hilbert Curve end results to show.
Because there are only 2 colors, the png picture sizes are quit small.

Would be nice to have them partly transparent by varying the opacity.


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