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Help I Cant get the latest windows installer to install and load the IDE

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Hello all I am a new user and very excited to begin using and becoming apart of the lazarus community. However, I am not having great experience right from the start. I downloaded the latest windows 32.64 bit installer and ran the install. All looks okay but when I click the icon on the desktop it tells me I need to downgrade even though I clear any old installations from users directory. I can not get the IDE to ever load. Please help me get this resolved guys I really believe in this project and would love to contribute but I'm not having a great start.

I have tried latest version and version 2.2.2 with very similar symptoms. The IDE will not load.

You may have previous config....

The installer has an option to delete this.

Or you can go to
and delete it.

Yes I did try this already before I posted my problem but no luck. I think I mentioned that in my post. Thank you for your reply Matin_fr. Any one else have any idea how to proceed forward?

Sorry, if I misread this...

An interesting bit is that you wrote

--- Quote ---it tells me I need to downgrade
--- End quote ---

And that would mean you would at some time have added a newer config... => which, if you are really starting a 3.0.2 then that means you had at some time a 3.99 (current main branch from git).
Still, in order to recognize the need for a downgrade it would need to find old config.

And, normally (in my experience), you could just click "yes" to that downgrade request, and then it should start. But according to you:

--- Quote ---I can not get the IDE to ever load.
--- End quote ---

So that currently leaves me a bit puzzled.

Lets go for another approach.

- First of all, I read your post as: The installer successfully finished. The errors only happen if you then start the IDE.
- You are installing to default C:\lazarus or somewhere else?
- Just to be sure, the name of your installer is lazarus-3.2-fpc-3.2.2-win64.exe or lazarus-3.2-fpc-3.2.2-win32.exe

In any case,
- Install
- Run "cmd.exe" and change to that directory (you can type cmd.exe in the directory edit field of your windows explorer)
- In cmd.exe (while in C:\lazarus or where ever you installed) type (you can change the location of the logfile)
   lazarus.exe --debug-log=C:\lazarus\log.txt

Then after the error, post the content of that logfile.

Okay your last post is much more helpful with some detailed troubleshooting steps. Thank you for that. So I read your post and minimized my browser window to start the log output trouble shooting step that you suggested and low and behold, sitting behind my browser window was Lazarus from the grave up and running. So I finally just left Lazarus sitting at it the starting splash screen FOREVER and eventually just locked my computer screen and went home for the day. I guess sometime in the night she FINALLY loaded up. So I closed it and opened it up again and she loaded nice and snappy. Not sure what is going on but just want to spread the word that this may be a problem other users are having and could turn the new users away from the project. That first impression is so important. Ill try to replicate and corner the issue again.


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