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WIN32:Adding columns to TListView Report (bug #449 reborn ?)

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Even though bug 449 has been signaled as fixed, I still have a lot of problems (crashes & freezes of the IDE) when trying to add plain columns to a TListView / vsReport with the last binary (

It would be really great :wink: if you could fix that issue once and for all, because this component is very helpful when it comes to displaying results, values lists... For now I'm stuck with TMemos and aligned labels *yuck*  :(

Vincent Snijders:
If this bug has returned to you, you may enter a new bug report for it.

The communication between the LCL and the underlying widget set is being rewritten, so expect some improvement for the listview in the coming time, but I don't know if it would solve your problems.

OK, new bug report entered.

Meanwhile, I have realized that creating my columns at runtime (not design-time) seems to work fine.
That's better than nothing, I guess :D

Vincent Snijders:
Can you give some more details? I just tried it with the cvs version (of last week) and I could add first two list columns and then insert one in the middle without crash or freeze (what happens exactly crash or freeze?).

Either this has been solved in the mean time (possible, but not likely) or I just don't do the right things to tricker this bug.

I've compiled yesterday's snapshot, and the result is exactly the same :

- New project>Application
- Add a TListView on the main form
- Switch its style to vsReport
- Edit the TListColumns (button[...] next to Columns attribute)
- Hit [add] twice
- Hit [OK]

=> the Lazarus IDE disappears all of a sudden

I have encountered another situation where the "access violation" message box pops out before the whole program exits by itself :
- hit [add], then hit [OK] (wow, no crash :) )
- edit the columns one more time, hit [add] and hit [OK]

There is also another situation where the IDE freezes, but I can't remember what I did :p


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