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Peano Fractals: Rainbow type has Complete Curve & Select Colors& Border

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A basic Peano Fractal to play around with.

I worked out the level settings, but had trouble giving it a 10 pixel border (on top and on the left side).

Just got a rainbow type working. Yippeee. See next reply in this thread.

A colorful Rainbow Peano Fractal curve.

Can change line widths and save to PNG.

Slightly improved from very first version, so I called it

Peano Fractal Rainbow V1b resize line widths,zip

Rainbow Peano Version 2  (Bug in set line width on canvas)

Had an idea of selecting which colors to include out of the 8 colors.
Sorted out this (Yippie)
When no colors are selected the program selects checkbox6 and then continues on.

Keep getting this access error:
When I use a spinedit and set the linewidth like pen.Width := seLinewidth.Value; 
but if I use  Canvas.Pen.Width := 3; then I get no error.

pen.Width := seLinewidth.Value; was working OK when I did not use any TCheckboxes.

I took the liberty to modify your example and corrected the error. I set the Tag property for each checkbox and modified a few routines (I moved the check to see if the last checkbox was selected to ChecBoxClick)

A great many thanks Paweld. I knew that the click event of the checkbox array was interfering with the change event of the spinedit (thought it might be a scoping problem) and the tag was not properly working, but I seemed to round and round in circles. The program now works so smoothly and produces some colorful pictures. Your code is much more stream-lined. I see you got that "if all checkboxes are unchecked" working. I was trying to achieve that but your version re-enables the last checkbox that was clicked.

The different combinations of colors makes some nice and interesting (almost "camouflage-blend in" type)  fractal patterns.

Thankyou once again Paweld. Love this graphics stuff.


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