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I came across a CSharp ScrollPatternGen application that "generates a scroll pattern (vaguely floral branching spirals).

It's here as standalone:

and here as a plugin:

The plugin version looks kinda nice and ornate.

Might be nice to make something similar in Lazarus.

Thought I'd post a work-in-progress image.

My program is inspired by the image posted by Boleeman.

The pattern is different, but is (I think) interesting.

I'll post the project, once I've squashed more of the bugs.
At present, the program throws a fit if there are more then 37 shapes...


Hey speter that looks great. 

Damn bugs are getting in the way.
I was going to have a crack at converting the csharp program, once I have some time.

Spiral project attached. :)

If you look at the code, you'll see that it would be very easy the extend this to use different "core" shapes...


SPeter, those curls are fantastic. Very impressed. I used Paint.Net for a Vignette and Bulge effect with your curls (see attached picture)

I ended up compiling the two CSharp stand alone versions with my Community Edition of Visual Studio. Ends up the Release version 1 compiles to 275 kb and code is about 3500 lines, whereas ScrollPatternGen1.0.3 is 164 Mb and code is about 3100 lines. If you like I can send you the compiled version 1 (v1.03 is on github with install). I was going to try to convert thinking it was a short code listing. Hmm, not so.

I was going to play around with your program some more. Great seeing these cool graphics program made in Lazarus.

Take care and Happy Easter to you.


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