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Complex package installation problem

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1. You have got the acs package i.e.: all the files downloaded and on your disk.
2. In your project, maybe you should include/depend on either: "laz_acs_lib.lpk" for console-apps or "laz_acs.lpk" for gui-apps. You do that in the "Project Inspector"
3. If that doesn't help, then in "Project Options" -> "Paths" -> "Other unit files" (-Fu), you can try to add the path to acs-files yourself...
4. Beware! acs doesn't use all the capabilities of the 'Lame-encoder', it's restricted to 16bit signed integer input - 128 kbit mp3 output.
Regards Benny

@cdbc: thank you!

I made laz_acs.lpk a Required Package, but that did not do the trick: acs_volume is still not found.

I added the path to the above file in the Other Paths, but that did not do the trick, either: acs_volume not found.

Note the persistent bad paths in the screen shot of the Other Paths.

Should I try to clean everything out and start again?  This would be my fourth attempt, so I would need to do something different this time.  Are the files that OPM creates persistent between Lazarus installations?  Should I delete them, and if so, at what part of the path?



In that screenshot, it seems you can click on "Delete Invalid paths"...
This button /only/ gets active, if you have invalid paths in there!!!
So, make a note of the 'acs'-directories you need to find, e.g.: ...\win32\lib etc. And a note of the rackctrls-directory, on a piece of paper.
Now you are ready to click the "Delete Invalid paths" button, after you have done that, some of the paths should be missing, these you have to recreate/find at the location where your components now reside...
The /binbows/ explorer is very good at hunting files, so use that to find the files lazarus is complaining about, then add them in lazarus.
Continue until you can compile.
And next time you'll think twice before making such a mess  :D
Happy hunting  8-)
Regards Benny

@cdbc: believe me, I was not looking to create this mess.  And, having reinstalled EVERYTHING three times, I can also tell you that there appears to be NO way to get a clean install.  And THAT is VERY frustrating.  I should not have to go through the process you describe.  I will try again.  Thanks!

Can anyone explain how to do a completely clean install of Lazarus?  I am really wasting my time at this point.

There MUST be something outside of the regular Lazarus install that is causing the problems (since I have installed Lazarus 3 times already).  Should I find and delete all of the Online Package Manager directory tree?  Are the components that are inside the audio player directory tree causing problems?  Should I remove those directory trees (under the Components folder)?

How do I properly install missing packages, since the OPM seems to cause problems?

I looked, and did not find, an audio player among the Examples that come with Lazarus.

Has anyone successfully installed and compiled the audio player example?




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