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F8 step-over sometimes goes into assembly code

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F8 step-over sometimes goes into assembly code.
I'm puzzled about this... can anyone explain why this sometimes happens.

There is a lot of info missing...

Lazarus version? (2.x / 3.0 / 3.99)
Fpc version?
32/64Bit?  (All the same for OS, Lazarus, and project? or cross compile?)
Debugger Backend (FpDebug, Gdb, Llld+FpDebug)
Did you compile With optimization OFF or Level-1?

If not FPDebug, and if 32 bit: Stabs or Dwarf?

Any indication on where the show assembler code is, in relation to the code that you were stepping?
E.g. What does the "Callstack" window show? Is your code in the list (Where)?

Does the asm window show any names in-between/ above the asm statements (anywhere but NOT in the comments)?

I hoped this might be an easy question to answer, but I can see its not. It does not bother me enough to spend time investigating/reporting.

Well, it's a bug. And one that I am not aware off.
So in order to fix it (or even just guess what it may be), I need some starting point.

I have the same problem in Windows 10. It happens in some cases, like when I do F8 in an instruction that have a string comparison.

I work at level 1 for optimization and Dwarf with sets.


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