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In another topic it was suggested to use Lazarus character map.

--- Quote from: wp on March 06, 2024, 10:38:29 am ---...
A nice tool is the Lazarus character map in menu Edit.

--- End quote ---

Searching the forum, I can find more topics where this tool is mentioned, but I can't find it in the IDE.
Specifically, it's not under menu Edit (see attached screenshot)...

Where is it? Should I install some additional package? %)

I forgot to mention what my environment is, sorry.

Lazarus 3.3 (fixes) 32-bit, fpc 3.2.2, Windows 10.

It has been moved into separate packages,  charactermappkg (runtime code containing the charactermap form) and charactermap_ide_pkg (designtime code for IDE integration). The designtime package normally is installed by default, I wonder why it is not in your case. Go to "Package" > "Install/Uninstall packages", select charactermap_ide_pkg in the right list, click "Install Selection", then "Rebuild". When the installation is complete there should be a new "Character map" item in the "Edit" menu.

In 2.2.6 and 3.2.0 it's under Edit/Insert from Character Map...

But it's not there in trunk (3.99).

I didn't install any special package (only Lazreport, Zeos, BGRA, fpspreadsheet).

Yes, Lazarus 2.2.6 FPC 3.2.2


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