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"fpc.cfg is missing" (notorious?)


This one is driving me nuts  :-\:

- fpc.exe when called from the command line doesn't complain about anything, finds fpc.cfg and compiles (no errors with "-va").
- lazarus.exe keeps complaining (see above). The fpc.file is there, no wrong paths; also I checked the configuration directory, no wrong paths...
- I used procmon to determine a possibly wrong path to no avail.
- Called "lazarus.exe --skip-checks=FpcExe --debug-log="c:\temp\lazarus.log" --debug-enable="DBG_VERBOSE,DBG_VERBOSE_FULL_DATA,DBG_WARNINGS,DBG_ERRORS,FPDEBUG_VERBOSE" to no avail (except for this one:

--- Quote ---"Hint: (lazarus) [TBuildManager.SetBuildTarget] Old=i386-win32--win32 New=i386-win32--win32 Changed: OS/CPU=True LCL=False"
--- End quote ---

Same config works on a Windows 10 machine (this is a Windows 7).

When I ignore all warnings and go to the configuration, in the sources configuration I get this:

--- Quote ---Warning: Found version 3.3.1, expected 3.2.2
--- End quote ---
Which is wrong; the sources are 3.3.1 but the compiler is 3.3.1 too - verified by its output.

I'm looking for a hint/warning/whatever that points me to the root cause. How can I get more information?


--- Quote from: AxBen on March 18, 2024, 09:50:52 pm ---Warning: Found version 3.3.1, expected 3.2.2
Which is wrong; the sources are 3.3.1 but the compiler is 3.3.1 too - verified by its output.

--- End quote ---
As a wild guess: You installed Lazarus using a package or similar (the important part there: not compiled yourself) and you (later) installed Free Pascal trunk and want to use that compiler with your Lazarus install ?

If that is true then the cause for your errors is most probably because the version of FPC that was used to compile Lazarus <> FPC version installed/found/configured.

I was able to resolve the issue:

The reason for the problem was a corrupted fpcdefines.xml file, which contained invalid package paths (like 0:tools\... instead of 0:d:\tools\...) which is probably on my head (having resplaced c:\tools with d:\tools - or not :'( - Maybe there are more problems in the file though. Searching for "c:\tools" did not suceed later...

I was able to "resolve" the error by removing the configuration path and restarting Lazarus.

I would be nice to have better feedback from Lazarus, "fpc.cfg is missing" is definitely a very misleading message...

After all: thx for the feedback and sorry for the noise.

There is always  the fpcmkcfg utility to solve a missing fpc.cfg.


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