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furious programming:
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Fairtris 2: The Ultimate Challenge is another installment of the game Fairtris, this time not in the form of a tool for testing various mechanics and generators, but as a normal video game. The engine remained the same, but it was modernized, I added a lot of improvements and fixes (including bug patches), and it also received a new graphic design, much nicer than that of its predecessor — a graphical jump from NES to SNES. The game is of course free, the source code is open and unlicensed, so you can do anything you want with it.

The new version almost completely breaks compatibility with the NES, almost all features that exist in Nintendo Tetris® have been removed, and only those that provide the best responsiveness of controls and the most fun remain. Fairtris 2 does not have a gameplay limit like the NES version — the highest supported piece falling speed has been slightly lowered to allow for infinite play. This allows you to play as long as you can (or as long as you can stand it).

In line with new achievements of classic Tetris players, I added support for glitched color palettes for the stack and pieces that are used at levels 138 to 255. The final challenge is to reach level 255 and beat it, which will be rewarded with a special screen. Reaching level 256 takes about an hour and a half and is very difficult, especially due to the very unfriendly glitched colors on some levels.

The control mechanics have been unified and only the best functions have been selected, and an option to set the speed of automatic piece shifting has been added, available in the game options screen. The new Fairtris still supports seven different RNG algorithms, so everyone can choose the one they like and give them the best fun.

The game window can run in desktop mode and be smaller than the screen, it can also run in desktop fullscreen mode (on any screen) and in exclusive fullscreen mode, giving the best performance (unfortunately only on the main screen). The game can be operated using the keyboard and gamepads, and you can also change the keyboard/gamepad mapping in the game options.

If you need to learn more, please see readme and wiki of the project on GitHub. There you will find descriptions of individual game screens, controls and the game content. Have fun! 8)

Download button on github is not working ( - 'Not Found'.

P.S.: It should be:

furious programming:
You are right — fixed, thank you for feedback!


--- Quote from: furious programming on March 17, 2024, 01:51:49 am ---You are right — fixed, thank you for feedback!

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And kudos for the game - it is very fun to play! :)

not for linux? It's written that it only works with windows.


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