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Initial Puter.JS support for Pas2JS


Hello Everyone!

  For those who may not know what Puter is, I highly recommend checking it out at, it is essentially a virtual desktop for the web and your browser.  Currently, it is free and open to everyone to use, which includes 500MB of cloud storage, or 1GB if using a referral link.  It current supports Guest Access, so no account needed to just check it out, but after you end your session, all the cloud storage will disappear, unless you create an account before ending your session.

Anyways, the reason for this announcement post, is that I created the initial port to ObjectPascal/Pas2JS of it's API, in the form of a standard unit file.  I created the unit based on their API documentation, and everything is there except for the AI pieces, which will come later.

Puter allows for both fully stand-alone websites to use it's APIs to perform things like saving and loading data from it's cloud storage, and it also supports the concept of Apps which run inside an iframe-based Window within Puter itself, mimicking a windowed app on a desktop.  Because of this, I thought that Puter would be an amazing fit for some Pas2JS developers looking to launch apps in a smallish app store.  Puter has an App Store, and they plan on allowing paid apps and such, allowing devs to monetize their programs on this virtual platform.  You can check out a very basic app using my unit by clicking the following link: which mainly demos the UI components available in Puter.JS.  The unit file can be found in my jslib package:

I plan on expanding on the API to make it much easier to use, full with proper Events instead of the Promises system which it uses, and can be a bit complicated for someone not familiar with async,await, and JavaScript promises.

The official GitHub for Puter where you can ask questions and such can be found here:

Looking forward to seeing some cool ObjectPascal apps in the Puter store in the near future.

@Joanna: Where are you, when we need you?!?


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