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IDE instability on Raspberry Pi?

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Any other IDE users on Pi out there?

I've found the IDE to be rock-solid on Intel Linux Mint, but I'm not having the same experience on Pi. Random hangs and crashes, once taking the editor file with it.

The Pi only has Raspbian (64 bit headless) and Free Pascal on it, accessed via Mint's Gnome terminal.

Curious if others have faced a similar problem.

I have no problems on any Raspberry pi (1 to 5) but on 3 and lower and just 1MB memory it is advised to increase the swap space a bit (usually as much swap space as you have physical memory)
And don't over do the amount of components installed, but that is also an issue on Intel.

The only problems I have is burning SD carts... Better to configure an external SSD.

My surviving RPi 1 is 512 Mb, My RPi 5 's are 4Gb

Thank you, Thaddy.

This is an 8Gb Pi5, and boots from an SSD. It is reassuring you don't have a problem. I have more than one Pi, so I'll swap with another and see what happens.

Note I have had some problems running a 8G RPi5 (not mine, I have only some 4GB) under 32 bit. On AARCH64 it works just fine.
But those problems are very likely not related to yours.

fwiw for me 64-bit bookworm on a pi4 8g is very unstable even after changing from wayland to x. No matter which software. I am considering to revert back to bulls-eye.


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