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StoreKit 2 (in-app purchases) - can we do that?
« on: March 12, 2024, 03:26:47 am »
I'd like to put my macOS app on Apple's App Store, and in order to implement in-app purchases, I need to interface with the StoreKit 2 framework.

I've done the above natively in Swift with Xcode in an iOS app, and the whole thing takes maybe 50 lines of code for a simple in-app purchase scenario. And there are of course examples and tutorials on how to do that.

But doing the same thing within a Pascal app - I don't even know from where to start :(

I read that I'm supposed to "add the StoreKit 2 Framework to my project" (how ???) and then "link the framework to my project with Objective-C headers" (how ???) and then implement the StoreKit functionality to start transactions, processing requests, etc. (way above my head)

All of this seems very difficult if not impossible for me to do. Can anyone kindly give me some pointers, examples, or any other kind of help?

Thank you kindly

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