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[Fixed] Installing LazarusFPC 331-30 With FPCUpDeluxe fails


MacOS Monterey 12.7.2
Tonight I tried to create a new install of Lazarus/FPC using FPCUpDeluxe, something that I have done successfully several times with the same FPCUpDeluxe install. There have been no other changes made to my MacOS installation.  This time the install fails, error below.  I am puzzled because MacTypes.pas(1028,5) is the same as in my existing working installation of 311/30.
I would like some help to resolve this.

--- Quote ---MacTypes.pas(1028,5) Fatal: Syntax error, ";" expected but "." found
Compiling univint/src/ConditionalMacros.pas
fpcupdeluxe: Start of compile error summary.
Fatal: Compilation aborted
MacTypes.pas(1028,5) Fatal: Syntax error, ";" expected but "." found
fpcupdeluxe: Start of compile error summary.
fpcupdeluxe: ERROR: FPC Native Installer (BuildModule: FPC): Error running /usr/bin/make for FPC failed with exit code 512
. Details: .
fpcupdeluxe: Done !!

--- End quote ---

Update: FPCUpDeluxe install with Lazarus/FPC 3.2.2/3.0 is successful so problem seems to be with Lazarus 3.3.1

I have decided to make this fixed.  Not really sure that it is but after further testing I found that FPCUpDeluxe will successfully install Lazarus/FPC if I select Trunk for both or if I select Stable for both. I can also successfully install 3.99/3.1.1

Any of those will suffice for my needs at moment but it still looks like FPC 3.3.1 has a problem.

Under i386-win32,


options need for compiling FPC/Lazarus trunk.


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