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lamw. apk build failed on accessing lamw project options


would you give me a way to fix this.
It seems as soon as I access the      lamw project options    (on any project) and OK the settings (even without making any changes ) , I get an apk build fatal error.

To create the error consisantly , I did the following.
Generate a android application which has only a button on it.
     [LAMW] Build android APK and run.
     works fine. Loads and runs into USB connected Android device.

on the lazarus IDE , go to project options. [LAMW] Android Project options . Android manifest.
If you [cancel] here, the build still works fine.
if you [OK] here, even without making any changes, the build fails.

the error when the build fails
execution failed for task 'install debug'
java.util.concurrent.ExecutionException ..............(waffle)......INSTALL_FAILED_VERSION_DOWNGRADE: Downgrade detected : Update verion code 1 is older than current 6682784

(There is a lot of other stuff , but this is hopefully the right error).
It is most likely that it is my lack of knowledge that is at fault here.

Just a note
What I am wanting to do is alter the options so i can give file read/write access for the android application.
The example programs  for granting permissions in lamw ... docs give this fault as soon as you try to build them 
I am using armeabi-v7a
thank you for your help


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