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[Solved] How to install "Generics Collections" in Lazarus 3.2 ?

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--- Quote from: jcmontherock on March 08, 2024, 11:09:15 pm ---I found it in fpc directory. But how do I install it ?

--- End quote ---
It is just there. There is no need to install it, just use it by declaring it in the unit/program uses list.

--- Quote --- It's not by default in version 3.2.

--- End quote ---
Yes it is.

--- Quote --- It didn't find sparta_generics.

--- End quote ---
That is something else.

I'm finding what it happen: package "sparta_generics" was mandatory in project in old Lazarus versions. It's not necessary now. I didn't recompile my application for a long time. I suppress this dependency in project and now it's OK.
Thanks to everybody.


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