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Connecting to MariaDB 10.6 or 10.11

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Which connector should I use to connect a Lazarus project to a MariaDB database (using MariaDB version 10.6 or 10.11)?

The closest I can see is MySQL 80. Is there still enough compatibility between MariaDB and MySQL in the latest versions for the MySQL connector to work properly with MariaDB? And where would I obtain the correct client library?

I don't know how to use Lazarus to connect MariaDB but I found this information, which maybe useful to you:,47140.msg336983.html#msg336983

At the moment you should use 57. since it looks like 80 needs a small patch in the defines, but should also work, since 57andup is defined for 80, which should work with MariaDb too.
I use 57  on Linux64.
About the client: you don't need one. The connector IS the client.

Wasn't there a recommendation to use "SkipLibraryCheck" for MariaDB?

57 works with MariaDb 10.x and is aliased in
I can't remember I needed SkipLibraryCheck. Will look it up. It is on a running server.
[edit] I did and I also seem to have aliased the client lib.


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