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[Solved] Qt5 SpinEdit carries on spinning


Since Lazarus 3.0 I've noticed that with Qt5, SpinEdits keep on spinning when the mouse is released.
They used to stop, and GTK2 seems fine.

Has anyone else noticed this, or has a workaround?

I can confirm this issue.

Looks like this problem

"TFloatSpinEdit starts to change value and cannot stop it if
csCaptureMouse is in ControlStyle"

Is it likely this could be fixed (without breaking anything else) by just removing csCaptureMouse from the controls?

I've fixed that some time ago in trunk.


--- Quote from: zeljko on February 28, 2024, 06:11:33 pm ---I've fixed that some time ago in trunk.

--- End quote ---

Noted, thanks.
And it made the new release 3.2


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