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I have deleted Lazarus/Free Pascal from macOS Ventura and then done a re-installation.  The uninstall was done using CleanMyMac followed by removal of any remaining IDE & compiler files manually.
on re-installation ( in the order: fpc-src-3.2.2-20210709-macosx.dmg | fpc-3.2.2.intelarm64-macosx.dmg |Lazarus-3.2-macosx-x86_64.pkg), after relaunching Lazarus I tested as follows: Projects->Project Options->Test and got got 2 errors - attachment1 & attachment 2.  These indicated the existence of numerous duplicate files (.ppu).  Is this significant? What action should be taken?  Any help/advice would be much appreciated.

Figure out which of the 2 directories is older and remove/move the files within.
(On move then e.g.: to /tmp or /home/{you}/tmp etc...)
They're remnants of the old installation...
The last 2 are from your test project, delete them too.
Regards Benny

Looking at the directory creation dates, the subdirectory x84_64-darwin in all the pairs have the creation dates of 28 February 2024 (the date of the clean installation) so I do not think that the duplicates arise from leftovers from previous installations.  Further some of the duplicate files date from before I first started using Lazarus Pascal.  I am therefore puzzled as to which files I should choose to move.

1) The last 2 'orphaned' files -> delete them.
2) For the rest, DON'T delete. It's because fpc picks up 3 different 'widgetsets',
 - Free Vision = (/fv/) a free version of what was TurboVision from Borland
 - LCL = Lazarus' main widgetset
 - Unix version 5 interface = (/univint/)
3) In your home directory, look for the hidden '.lazarus' directory and
    because the installed files are in a read-only section, lazarus creates this
    hidden dir, to use when you're re/compiling lazarus e.g.: installing
    components... This directory, you can write to.
4) You can try to rename the files in the '.lazarus' directory, but be careful!!!
That's what I came up with, looking closer at your picture...
Regards Benny

Hi Benny
I remained the relevant files in the hidden .Lazarus directory, Restarted Lazarus, tried to compile a simple project but the compile failed because of the renamed files.  However when I went to Project->Project Options->Test, I still get the same error message about duplicate files!.  Renaming the renamed field to their original names, then compilation succeeds and the Project Option still gives the duplicates error.  Very puzzling!


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