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Problem with resolving stack trace with Leaks and Traces

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I use BackTraceStrFunc to create exception stack traces logged to files. Project is compiled with -gl (display line numbers) and -Xg (external debug symbols file), user gets .exe and I keep .dbg for debugging purposes (to keep small .exe size). I used View -> Leaks and Traces with pasting stack trace and selecting .dbg to translate it into symbols, however it does not work for me anymore after upgrade to Lazarus 3.0 - no description of pasted addresses appears, just nothing happens.

Type of debug info is "Automatic", changing it doesn't make a difference. Addresses are valid as I can still find symbols for them in Assembler window.

Worked in Lazarus 2.0.8, which I had previously installed. Currently using Lazarus 3.0 32bit on Windows 10 64bit.

Are there any changes which I'm missing?

Best reagards

I have to double check => but the resolve probably only works for Dwarf.

32 bit Windows still as Stabs as default. If you change your project settings, that does not affect packages. => So you may need to use "Additions and overrides" or some other mean to change packages too.

I'm not sure how to use Additions and Overrides to do this, but resolve do not show any symbols also for addresses directly in project source, not in other packages.

I have tried changing Type of debug info to Dwarf 2, Dwarf 2 with sets, Dwarf 3, Stabs, and also changing IDE Options -> Debugger backend from default Gdb to FpDebug, combined with different Type of debug info. In all cases no success.

Curiously, when I provide stacktrace and .dbg file compiled with Lazarus 3.0 to Leaks and Traces in Lazarus 2.0.8, it does show some valid symbol names (although not all of them).

Strange... I'll have to see when I can make time to test it myself. (May be a while)

Also, if it is not to big, could you provide the exe, the dbg and the trace, please? (compressed)


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